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Specializing In: 

Psychological Testing and Assessment
Intellectual and Personality Assessment

Psychological Intervention:
Individual, couple counseling and psychotherapy,
family and group therapy


  • Deal with symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety, and insomnia) which are unpleasant and may affect daily functioning

  • Survive major changes or crises to regain balance

  • Deal with destructive habits and behaviours (e.g. alcohol addition, pathological gambling)

  • Live a productive and meaningful life in spite of a history of mental illness

  • Have a deeper understanding of oneself for better development of one’s potentials

Family / Relationship 

  • Work with children and adolescents to overcome problems which affect the family

  • Develop problem-solving and communication skills necessary for intimate relationships 

  • Deal with the impacts of divorce, separation and loss of a loved one

  • Work on issues regarding sexual problems, incompatibility, infidelity etc.


  • Deal with work stress and/or major changes at work

  • Identify intellectual and emotional strength and weakness for reaching higher level of achievement

  • Improve motivation, efficiency and job satisfaction

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