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Situated at the foot of mountains in a rural indigenous Haka Village,

Tsing Tam Centre is a space for reflection, retreat and personal development.

TTC will offer our next retreat in Dec 2022 on the Our Inner Landscape. At the end of 2022, this three-day retreat is an opportunity for us to focus on the development of our innermost being and to conclude an annual cycle. We will reflect on the changes in our inner landscape and gauge its impact on our everyday life. We will ponder the dynamics of our current major complexes, and learn to have appropriate attitude to work with these inner dynamics. Resolving unconscious conflicts will facilitate unclogging of our system, gain new perspectives and move forward. As clinicians, this process will expand our capacity to work with our clients with their complexes.

We will offer retreat, training, supervision/consultation and group work.  Please feel free to contact us at 9429-2255 (WhatsApp only) or

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