Situated at the foot of mountains in a rural indigenous Haka Village,

Tsing Tam Centre is a space for reflection, retreat and personal development.

TTC will offer our next retreat in May 2022 on the Animus in dreams and sandplay.  Animus is a powerful part of the unconscious mind, the inner masculine side of a woman.  He acts as the embodiment of strength and intensity, and provides initiative and the capacity for planned actions.  On the negative side, the animus thwarts women’s intentions, spoiling their relationships, replacing their natural instincts and feelings by a mere collection of opinions, and preventing them from living their lives naturally as women.  In this retreat, we will work on getting to know the animus, to see from his viewpoint, to negotiate with him, to allow him to have the means of expressing the values of his reality, and to fulfill his proper role of leading us into a deeper connection with our inner selves.  Ultimately, the animus will support the ego through his relationship to the Self rather than tyrannizing the ego.  Please refer to the flyer for details.

We will offer retreat, training, supervision/consultation and group work.  Please feel free to contact us at 9429-2255 (WhatsApp only) or ttcretreat@gmail.com.